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About the Artist

As a girl growing up in New York City, our founder, Beth Zoschak, always enjoyed crafts. Whether knitting, sewing, rug hooking, or other creative hobbies, she loved them all. About 10 years ago, Beth discovered silver wire and the rest is history.

Since that time, Beth has designed unique jewelry pieces for herself and friends. It was through the encouragement of friends and her wonderful husband that she founded Pretty in Sterling. You will not find a better selection of handcrafted jewelry in Carlsbad, California

Each piece Beth designs and makes is one-of-a-kind. She uses only sterling and fine silver, along with semi-precious stones and sometimes highly polished glass.

Designer of handcrafted jewelry in Carlsbad, CA

Transforming a spool of silver wire into a piece of art that someone will wear fuels Beth’s creativity. She derives relaxation from twisting and turning the wire into beautiful configurations. She also finds the work exhilarating and invigorating.

Semi-precious stones and fresh water pearls help bring out the luster of the metal and serve as a base for the silver design. Beth says there are many times when she has no idea what a finished work will look like. She simply lets the wire take her where it wants to go. Her goal is to make designs that are creative and bold. Her jewelry is unique. Beth enjoys life with her husband in California and says silver stands out as her passion when it comes to creating beautiful and uncommon pieces of jewelry.

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